Three years in Guangzhou China. Three years to explore, go on adventures and live life to the fullest.

Follow along to see what we get up to in GZ and beyond!

If you have questions about life here in GZ, let me know, I will show you the everyday dullness to the everyday excitement (yes, I think both will be occurring daily).

The best thing about this blog is showing people how small my comfort zone is. I am uncomfortable in so many situations. IĀ feel awkward trying to speak new languages and hate not having control (just ask my husband). This is why I think the blog will entertain. I am not here to be a foodie or big explorer, I am here to show people that being uncomfortable is ok, even good at times (not all times, I can’t hand that).

So enjoy my weird, awkward and slightly uncomfortable experiences in GZ and in our travels over the next 3 years.