The new additions…

Addition number 1…Moppy.

Mr. Foster Pup Moppy is a lovable rescue dog with some issues but always means well, except when he steals socks. I picked him up from the vet last Tuesday after he had his big shave.

With a new doo and a new lease on life he was welcomed into our home. And let’s just say it’s been challenging. Let’s start with the fact we’ve never had an indoor dog let alone in an apartment. Toilet training is not something we have had to deal with but luckily this little guy had it covered. No accidents or marking in the house. Outdoors only and in the right places, mostly (we bring a bottle of water to wash the wee away when he goes in the middle of the pathway, which is most of the time). Indoors he is awesome-a little shadow following us or wandering around each room to see if any food has been left out. His favourite spot, other than his cozy crate, is the kitchen because that’s where food is made and even though it’s not given out he’s always hopeful. He’s learning how to play, a lot. The few toys he has he brings to us when he’s ready for some play time or he’ll find a towel laying around and play tug-of-war. Socks are also a specialty for him. His personality is becoming stronger and stronger each day and he is super entertaining. One thing that is not entertaining is his dislike towards the leash. Torture or just plain ignorant and mean behaviour from previous owners or just people in general have created a connection in Moppy’s mind between pain and the leash. Luckily the trainer came yesterday and we now have a lovely teal harness on the pup at all times.


Our goal is to get him trained, nicely behaved and a great walker then help him find a perfect home. I know he will be an awesome apartment dog. He doesn’t need a backyard, just a balcony and some love (with a few walks a day). Any takers from the US?


So other than spending time with a dog (which is always a great use of time) I have been doing a few others bits and pieces, one being finding a steady way to spend my time a few times a week: boot camp training. I am now a coach for K2Fit. I love training people and love working out so it’s a great way to do both. Because of this fitness challenge I have really focused on getting healthy and training hard and it has paid off. I’ll actually be comfortable in a swim suit on our holiday next week!

Also this week I spent a few hours at GETCH. I was able to watch some presentations by students (with German students here for a few weeks) about dating and relationships and sex (both safe sex and sexual harassment). I was educated on these subjects regarding the differences in cultures and experiences and it was amazing. It was very eye-opening as well. Stigma around people with physical disabilities is huge in China. I didn’t realise how significant the family role is when people choose partners and how this impacts people with disabilities. Not only was I floored at their presentations and how well spoken they were (it was all in English), I was amazed at what these young adults need to over come in order to live a “normal” life in China. I am really looking forward to spending more time with the students at GETCH in the years we are here. It will be both fulfilling and very helpful to them I think ( and hope)!

As I find myself settling into life in GZ, I honestly have to remind myself where I am and why I am here. Sometimes it’s a bubble here, especially at our residence. We see the same people nearly every day. We do the same activities together and we eat at the same western restaurants. Sometimes it’s not a China day and it’s a great day to be here and have this experience. Sometimes I go outside and love the culture and the people and how different it is. And other times I miss everything about everywhere else I have lived. Sounds all encompassing and it is-I miss many places in the states and so many people. I miss Australia and cafes in Melbourne and my in-laws house in Sydney where it’s all family all the time. But as I miss the people and places I also and learning to cherish them even more. I cannot wait for my visits and the little things that make places feel like home. Now that all our stuff has arrived I can make this place feel like a home. It is not home and never will be but for now it can have bits and pieces to make us comfortable.

For now, we have a beach holiday week ahead of us. Vietnam is our recharge spot next week. I may be missing Halloween but at least I am getting a week with my husband, no China days included.



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