Crossing the border…

Added another stamp to the passport this weekend. We made our first trip to Hong Kong. I had heard great things about Hong Kong-it’s so Western, a nice city, easy to get around, familiar; it’s just awesome. I honestly did not feel any of these things. To start things off, the train was delayed about 30 minutes. In Asia this should not happen. So the train was ride itself was ok. And it was made even better by the selling of food and beverages…ie. bimg_0019eer. Once we got there it was easy enough to find a taxi and the driver spoke English, something we hadn’t experienced yet while being in GZ. It was refreshing.

Our evening included checking in to the hotel, wandering around the streets to find Brew Dog taproom (this was the most exciting thing for Joel to experience in Hong Kong), eating pizza and going to bed. Big Friday night in HK.

Our trip to HK was not just to visit a city and be underwhelmed, it was to celebrate Joel’s colleague/friend Rachel 30th birthday. We were treated probably to the fanciest 30th, or any birthday party, I have ever experienced. We were treated to a day on a Junk Boat, aka a yacht. A junk boat is a tradition boat, ours was not. The yacht was complete with 2 staff plus the skipper who threw us beers while we swam, a massage therapist, a constant supply of food and beverages and all around luxury. While I was too busy swimming and socialising, others were able to snap pics while on our harbour cruise…


The fun continued that night at dinner at a cute little (and expensive) spot called Mrs Pound. Quirky waiters and decor, this place was one of a kind and had a unique entry system: one must push a stamp to open the door, but you must pick the right one!

Sunday we spent wandering the tight little streets-although some felt more like allyways-of Hong Kong. Like mainland China, HK does not wake up early. It sleeps, very late, but we were lucky enough to find a greezy spoon open 24 hours (we went at 10am). Huevos rancheros were an amazing breakfast and made it feel like home (even more so than Oz!). Our wanderings didn’t take us to many places where we felt like shopping so we enjoyed seeing and exploring.

The trip home (also delayed) wasn’t too exciting, luckily I downloaded Yahtzee, which kept me very happy, along with the constant changing scenery-mostly different types of apartment buildings.

The trip to Hong Kong was a nice break from constant Chinese culture (both good and bad) and a great way to spend a weekend on the water with friends. We won’t be rushing back anytime soon especially since we now have our foster pup and our shipment from Oz. Time to settle in and make this place a real home.

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