“It is better to move than to be motioness*…”

*Spelling mistake intended…these are direct translations.

This morning before my day got busy, and the temperature rose into the 30s, I decided I needed to explore the area. A few streets away from our complex is a beautiful park. This city amazes me with all its greenery. The lush parks are not only well groomed, they are also well used. Today I saw a true peek into daily China (early morning) life, and it was magnificent.

Zhu Jiang Park

The park has a lot of boasting throughout the walk. They are proud of their awards..

Along with these placards, there are also a variety of others…

And we don’t want to forget motivational placards, reminding us how important our health is…

Needless to say, it was an educational, and motivational, meander. And I do think the Chinese take these “proverbs” seriously. The park was packed. Runners, joggers, speed walkers all were utilizing the track around the park. Everyone, however, was going counterclockwise, no one was going against the flow. This may be a cultural norm, an unwritten rule to always move in that direction (mahjong is played counterclockwise as well). Along the way, at large open areas, many people of the older generation were practicing tai chi, kung fu, choreographed dancing, and my favourite, a man practicing calligraphy with a large brush and water. It was beautiful. Never was there a dull moment on this morning walk.

The best part about finding these parks is realising I am in the middle of a massive Chinese city, but surrounded by so much nature and greenery. It really is a wonderful thing when an (obvious) foreigner can take a walk through a beautiful park on a stunning autumn morning and enjoy the surroundings like everyone else. I am enjoying being able to take it all in, appreciate this place for what it is and how lovely the people really are.



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