Gardens in the CBD…

I thought I might as well go outside and enjoy the tepid morning. A lovely 28° outside with teeny tiny spots of blue sky. Oh what a way to enjoy the morning. No, that was not the right choice. The humidity is at 89%. Just walking outside feels like stepping into a steam room, skin becoming damp as soon as it hits the air. And it doesn’t dry out. But I powered through. I took a 2.5km walk through Huacheng Square. There are a few different parts to the park and I don’t know that any of them are. I just took the pictures and enjoyed my walk (and sweat)


The signage as you walk into the corridor…fun to figure out what they all mean. I broke a rule-I took photos.

There is a memorial to firefighters in the square which include a firetruck and many bronze statues throughout the gardens.


Once through the firefighter memorial you enter the Eco Corridor. In the middle of Zhujiang New Town is a very peaceful park with ponds, benches and pathways through the zen-like gardens.



It feels like a peaceful retreat from the busy city, but you’re still surrounded by the massive CBD skyscrapers. Fish were hanging out in the shallow waters, risking their lives as a grandmother and her grand-daughter had their nets out attempting to catch anything swimming past.


And my favourite part of the eco-corridor was this little spot. I don’t know the significance but it’s pretty adorable.


The city is slowly showing me its little spots to enjoy. As I venture out more and more (as the temperature drops and becomes more tolerable) I will find these areas which make GZ feel livable (I know it is, but my standards are different and I need to accept the things that make me feel comfortable, not everyone else).

I know I’ve said it before, but it’s these little triumphs that are my proud moments. Moving to a massive Chinese city is not easy, but it is achievable to learn how to become part of it. 4 weeks on and I am making my own way.


One thought on “Gardens in the CBD…

  1. So proud of you! This park looks beautiful–I’m sure a relief to find a little piece of nature and relative quiet in such a large city. Xoxo


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