Ups & downs…

Somehow I made it through another week. A week of ups and downs and many frustrations. I’m hoping week 3 is a turning point. I want to turn my attitude around and feel positive about this situation I find myself in.

I think my bad attitude really started Tuesday when my apartment was not cleaned to my standard. The most trivial thing to be upset about because most people would appreciate ANY housekeeping. Not me, I am particular and fussy and can thank my mother for these traits. Our apartment has 4 suitcases worth of stuff scatter around, and not even scattered because our clothes are tucked away and we have nothing left out-because we have nothing at this point. The cleaning is pretty easy to do with out minimal things strewn about, but I can’t even do any cleaning myself, I have no cleaning products or tools so I rely on the servicing and housekeepers. I think that was my first rant to Joel this week. My daily rant to Joel is about sleeping…or lack there of.

One would think staying in a 4 star serviced apartment would also mean an amazing night sleep on their comfy beds and high thread count sheets with a room at the perfect temperature (something Joel and I have no experienced in our time living together yet)…but not for me. For starters, the pillows are soft. Super soft. My head hits the bed when I am using 2 pillows. My neck is killing my every night. And I don’t sleep either. In addition to these complaints, there are two flashing lights on the ceiling. Flashing inconsistently and ALL NIGHT LONG. I don’t even leave my phone facing up because the little charging light bothers me. This has been driving me crazy. I have even slept in the spare rooms to see if it’s any different…nope. THEY ALL FLASH! ALL NIGHT LONG! Poor Joel asks me every morning how I slept and every morning I tell him I didn’t sleep so stop asking. My naps go better however…I’ve always been a good napper.

This week, while challenging, also had some fun times. Thursday was a “Ladies Lunch” at another posted spouse’s house. She lives in another location so it was nice to see another area of GZ-a compound so not really an authentic experience but enjoyable nonetheless. There was a variety of ladies there-some newly posted, other living here for over a decade. It was quite interesting learning all their stories and backgrounds. And not one had a husband in immigration so it’s nice I am branching out and meeting people from other areas. Looks like I know more westerners in GZ than Joel at this point. And due to this lovely lunch we had, I am now part of the girls group in GZ and been invited to a girls night out, among other ladies only activities. The group is very welcoming and supportive and understand what I am going through in these first few weeks.

After my full day with the ladies, Joel and I made our first trip to Ikea. We managed to avoid a lot of the after work subway traffic on the way there and had a good time exploring Ikea. We’d heard stories of Chinese people sleeping in display beds, or letting their children take their afternoon naps while they sit and wait, none of which we saw because it was 8pm. The beds, however, were all messed up because they had all been used during the day. I look forward to another trip there to do some people watching. We also managed to have dinner there-both tasty and cheap. And also a bit unique.




We also did a bit of furniture recon. We our moving into our apartment September 12th. I am so excited to get into our home for the next 3 years. And make it a home. Ikea will also help with that. Our focus of the trip was to find me a new pillow-successful until we got it home and it wasn’t quite what I thought it was going to be, but it did help me get a better nights sleep.


The outing ended a bit sourly though when we got caught in a late rush of people on the subway. My first experience on the crowded trains of China. It was as bad as I thought it would be. Crammed onto the train, hot, stinky and uncomfortable. Why were all these people out at 930pm? Next time, a taxi.

Last rant for the week…why can’t people follow the arrows? They are there for a reason! Ugh!


2 thoughts on “Ups & downs…

  1. Love reading about your adventures:)! I’m sorry for your recent frustrations-that is such a BIG adjustment. Regarding the odd flashing lights, have you tried one of those sleep masks? A few years ago, I was having trouble sleeping & my eyes were always sore. My eye doctor said it could be due to even just little bits of lights & I got one on his recommendation & it’s great:). Super inexpensive & most drug stores have them.

    How great that you’ve connected with a new group! Hopefully it will be a great turning point.



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