A weekend of firsts…

From Friday night to Sunday evening, we have had a weekend full of firsts.

Friday night was a first for seeing a Chinese cover band. 

After two Fridays here in GZ, I now know they can be late nights. Last Friday was a late one because I got sucked into dancing to live music. The first live music I have seen in a while and they were actually decent and in CHINA! Win-Win. We had a great time socialising with many other NZ, US, Oz, Canadian and British nationals. Why they were in GZ, I cannot quite remember (not because of the free booze, but because there were so many), but there were a lot and it was a great night.


Saturday afternoon was a first for taking the metro.

Our first experience on metro was a success. We didn’t get lost, we got on the correct line and managed to find the destination with only one look at a map. The train wasn’t as busy as I thought it might be, it was clean,quiet and the a/c worked pretty well. The only annoying part was no one paid attention to the entrance/exit arrows-they stood in the middle of the exit arrows while people exited. *cringe* It’s so frustrating. But it’s China.

Saturday (ALL afternoon/evening/into night) was our first Chinese Hash.

Oh the hash, what an awesome way to spend a Saturday. Out in the jungle. Far-ish from the city and amongst the rural Chinese. Probably still an area with a million people, but still, it felt rural to me. The run itself was brutal, we actually didn’t run, we walked, tramped and bush-bashed our way through the hash. And sweated, of course. No pictures to show that, only a shirt that was soaked through within minutes. But we did it. And loved it, nearly 7km of jungle hashing was awesome. We met an array of local hashers and also foreigners, being locals. Brazilian, Venezuelan, American, Polish, Australian, British…a lovely group of expats, and once they realised we were going to be sticking around, they all welcomed us warmly. We will be returning next week.

Sunday morning was our first authentic Yum Cha experience. 

I finally am getting more comfortable at taking photos when I want and I was the first at our table to snap a pic of the spread. It was an impressive assortment of food, delicious and a must see spot.

Sunday afternoon we visited a new mall and took the metro again, successfully. And learned that people on the train have very bad balance, like to pick their noses and sleep a lot.

This new mall is a good one. It has an Old Navy which makes me so happy. I have not lived in a country with an Old Navy in over 6 years, this is big for me. And it just so happens this mall is going to be the closest to our new apartment…uh-oh.

Sunday evening was a first for buying and cooking (and me not eating) chicken from a super market. *note-graphic photo*

The meal was chicken salads. We found lots of veggies at the super market but so much plastic! Why all the packaging? So wasteful! However, buying chicken is not wasteful. Why throw out the head and feet? I knew it was a thing to use the whole chicken, just chopped up into pieces (saw it Saturday night at dinner) but did not expect to buy packaged chicken at a super market which included the head and feet. I like to think I can handle this stuff but it was too much. Joel did a great job cooking up the “normal” pieces of chicken and also consuming them. I had vegetables.

And Sunday night we witnessed our first Chinese wedding (from our apartment).

To close out 20160828_181910our busy and eventful weekend, we witnessed our first Chinese wedding, which took place on the mini-gold course below our apartment. It seemed like it was going to be quite the event, taking hours and hours to set up, but it was pretty disappointing. The MC was loud and annoying, the music was terrible, the selfies never ended and it went on and on.
I don’t know Chinese wedding traditions, but it seemed a mix of Chinese and wedding traditions. The groom was announced before the bride came in, they both had speeches during the wedding, she threw the bouquet right after the ceremony and everyone dressed very casual. It was fun to watch for a short time but then got old really fast. Luckily by 1030 the guests were plenty drunk so it ended.



And now the week has begun. I need to plan out my week and find some fun and interesting things to do. The weather is cooling off so I am going to be able to survive outside for longer than 30 minutes. I may even take the metro somewhere on my own. Adventure awaits!


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