Patterns are a girl’s best friend…

Grey is not a good colour to wear when one sweats, let alone in 35 degree heat. I thought I might get away with it because it looked alright outside, but no, the grey shows ALL. The 10 minute walk to Joel’s office at 11am ended pretty badly with me dripping sweat as I met a colleague of his. Great first impression. Joel assured me that everyone does it but I doubt it’s so obvious. It’s made more obvious with this super short hair in which droplets form at the ends and drip onto my neck, arms and shoulders while I am trying to talk to someone. As much as I politely dab it away with a tissue, it continues and so do growing sweat patched. Great visual for those that have not experienced this situation. It is not pleasant. Therefore, even though I cannot control the sweat forming on my scalp, I will control how much shows in my underarms, back and chest. Grey will be put away until winter, as will all other tops that are a solid colour other than black and white. I need to go shopping for patterns.

So I will move backwards to fill in all the details since the last post. Basically, nothing exciting has happened. Our Sunday was really nice and spent doing some exploring of the mall under our apartment building, walking the park nearby and some grocery shopping. I’m still amazed every time I walk around and see the buildings and their size, shapes, architecture-many seem like they would be from eras throughout the 1900s, but this area is new. These buildings are still in their young days. The builders of the city were just creative. It’s quite refreshing.

We also spent a fair bit of time deciding where to live for the next 3 years. We came to the decision that it would be my choice in the end because of many reasons, but mainly because my husband is super nice and wants me to be happy. So we will be moving from this apartment to the other apartments (Ascott IFC to Canton Towers). Because this won’t be our long term home I decided to take some pics to show what this place is like. Today was cleaning day so it’s super tidy shiny (I tidy before the cleaners come, but also we don’t have that much stuff).

It’s a super nice apartment, don’t get me wrong, and when you see our other apartment you may wonder why we opted to move, but as you can see, it is a hotel. A really, really nice hotel. A hotel with a big bedroom and amazing views. But I don’t want to live in a hotel for 3 years. I want an apartment that I will be able to decorate and make my own. An apartment that feels like it’s home and I just don’t think I can do that. So if anyone planning to visit is bummed they aren’t going to get these views (because you won’t at Canton), I assure you we have plenty of connections here still so we will get you that light show. I am really digging being able to walk around in the supplied slippers and robe though…

My slippy-dips.

So the living situation will be sorted out very soon. Once that is done I will make a trip to IKEA for some fun decorations to brighten up the new place. I will, however, have to wait on our shipment to make it really feel like home.

And in other “news” I am managing to get back to cooking, albeit with some interesting substitutions and odd ingredients. I have used the stove, oven and microwave. Because we haven’t been buying meat I get creative with the ingredients and trying to make the meals filling enough for Joel. I am easy to please, however I need to make sure the hard worker comes home to a nice meal (this isn’t fair on him, he helps every night when we cook and he is good at being my sou chef). One of the hardest things to live without here is cheese. It is super expensive and difficult to find so our meals have no cheese and no meat. Any suggestions on meals without meat and cheese? I am all ears! Pinterest has been helpful as well! I may have said I was going to be a vegetarian when I moved here, but that hasn’t happened yet. Options without meat (pork is added to everything) are hard to come by. Easiest if i just go with it for now.

This week also finds us with a nicely filled social calendar. Tomorrow a lunch has been organised for all the spouses of the Aussies here followed by a dinner a dinner for a newbie to the team. Friday is happy hour drinks with combined consulates. Saturday is our first China/GZ hash! This is one of my favourite past times in Coos Bay so this is going to be pretty awesome for us. They go out to the jungle for the run so we’ll get out of the city and meet some “locals”. And Sunday I promised Joel we could do something cultural. Not my favourite activity but if it’s something he wants to do I will tag along and keep my complaining to the heat and behaviour of those around us. Wish me luck.


One thought on “Patterns are a girl’s best friend…

  1. Love your blog Ashley…i have just started a vegan board on my pintrest and made an awesome vegan cheese that you may like. ..lets hook up on pinterest xxx


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