So much more to see…

We have conquered a Friday night out and a Saturday in the sun. I also conquered a 4km walk around the CBD. Triumphs are everywhere.

Friday found me wandering the streets (as I mentioned in the last post). I am sure you are so sick of me harping on, but it was really stinkin’ hot that morning. Humidity was high and the sunshine was out (sounds nice but it was not, I can understand why so many locals use umbrellas all the time). Without giving too many details, my sister got some pretty funny messages from me about my sweating experience, needless to say, I am sure she was entertained. And because I am not comfortable being a proper tourist, nor a local (they take heaps of photos too), I only managed to get a few snaps, but at least this gives you an idea of what I was seeing.


Once I melted a sufficient amount and leaving a trail of sweat drops which were used to find my way back to the underground mall, I decided I needed to put into use the coffee maker and what better place to get some high quality coffee than Starbucks (please note, this is sarcasm. There are so many Starbucks here, I think it actually rivals Seattle in Starbucks frequency. I will count next time I go out). However, it is consistent coffee and the barista understood me so it was as success. And just to round out the Starbucks visit, I bought myself an overpriced GZ mug. Souvenir #1.

And on this grey (very humid) morning, I am sitting with my coffee as I update you all on our GZ life. It feels good to have something so familiar to me while I write about this epic adventure we are on.

In an attempt to bring you up to date, I will skim over Friday night (drinks with workmates at a local spot, ending in us getting home at 2am). Enough said.

Saturday morning found us a bit worse for wear but we had to get  up and moving as it was House Hunters Round #2. We were given another look at 2 of the 3 apartments we were shown on Wednesday. We had some serious scrutinizing to do. And did we ever scrutinize.

Our issues: older apartment, outside of CBD, smaller dishwasher, less bench-top, dark everything (floors, furniture, walls), not modern, no bathroom storage, power points in weird places, no put-put course, and the list goes one.

It is older and not modern and dark, but it is in a less busy spot (pro and con for some people), has a beautiful green space in the center of the complex and many good places to eat in the base of the complex. So, Joel and I are at an impasse. Pros and cons both places, but as we have been told, it is I who will be spending all my time there, he works so much and weekends we’ll be out exploring so I should be the comfortable one. Surprise surprise I may get my way. But we are still in the negotiating stage so once we’re moved in the pictures will come.

After our second look, Joel’s kind workmate who lives there with her husband and 4 year old let us have a look at their lived in apartment and took us around the area. We had our first proper Chinese market experience. I wish I had been more on the ball and taken photos because it was pretty amazing. They call it a wet-market where you get all your fruit, veg and meat. Produce looked good, although the fruit section was a small walkway from the raw meat, let’s just hope for no contamination, ever. The meat section was meat, like no barrier between you and the butchering area (normal for most non-western countries but still confronting), half a butchered pig was laying out and being butchered, chickens strung up and the seafood. Well, aquatic section is a better description because it was fish (of course), eels, snakes, frogs, toads, turtles and scorpions (not aquatic but at the specific stall). I will visit again (probably do shopping there as well) and take plenty of photos to share and gross you all out.

We also had our first Yum Cha experience, at a very fancy place as well. Tai Ku Hui is actually in Seattle, Sydney and Melbourne (among the many spots they have restaurants). It was tasty and so fresh, a spot to take visitors for sure. Again, no photos but I am certain we will be going again and again and again.

And by that point in the day the heat and hangovers were too much so we hopped into a taxi and went back to our apartment for a siesta. Luckily we have cards with our apartment address in Chinese so the lack of English (or Chinese on our part) is ok for these simple trips we are taking. Once we venture out a translation app will help immensely I think, or Joel trying to speak the language, which is always entertaining. The taxis are super cheap too so regardless of the traffic (which is everywhere and I will have a post just about that eventually) a taxi is cheap and easy.

So there is half the weekend. We have today together to get our shopping done for the week. And if I am feeling touristy, I may even snaps some more pics to show the area, and below are some pics from our apartment this morning.

And now that my coffee cup is empty I will refill and turn on Netflix and wait until the hubby is ready for brekkie. Then on to more exploring (this time with a buddy, yay!)


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