The work week is coming to an end. And even though I am not the worker here, I am so happy for it to be Friday. This week we spent the least amount of time together since I was working full time in hospitality. Early mornings, long work days and busy evenings-this is the new normal. Luckily our down time is together. I am looking forward to having two days to explore the city with someone. It is so intimidating going at it alone. I was, however, able to get to the office several times on my own this week without getting lost or hit by a motor vehicle. It’s the little things.

And on that note, the little things are important. Like getting to the super market and buying laundry detergent. I did, however. spend about 10 minutes staring at all the options and messaging Joel to ask his staff if I was choosing the right one. Thankfully the big brands are over here and I went with that. More wandering around the store (very similar to normal Safeway/Woolies/Coles) and I found salt. Yes, this was difficult to find, but I did find it and it’s local!


Even though I am finding these little things, the cooking is not going strong yet. Our pantry is pretty empty as is our fridge. I have noodles and veg everyday for lunch so by dinner time soy sauce does not sound good. This week, as we get sued to everything, we have been eating out. But last night we ate at home and it was pretty westernised. Pizza Hut is in the shopping centre below us so it was an easy pick after being out in the evening. To our surprise it was pretty spot on. The best part, however, was the eating accessories (see picture).

Who wants to get their hands dirty when they eat…use gloves!

As for my Friday, I have to vacate the apartment for the twice weekly servicing. Our sheets are not dirty, nor are the towels or anything else in the apartment but it’s included so I must leave for about an hour. The sun is actually shining again but it means it will be even hotter outside (great attitude I have). I think I am going to explore again and find some fresh food (very easy to find, it’s the leaving the apartment that is the challenge). So there may be another post today to show my adventure, and adventure it will be!


2 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Keep at it Ashley, those small achievements are so empowering. I remember doing a supermarket shop somewhere in a non English speaking country and felt like Id conquered the world. hang in their honey, you will look back on all this and laugh about it. I hear you about the challenge of adventuring alone.. take a deep breath and tell yourself you can do this..and you can xxxxxxx


  2. I LOVE reading your posts Ash! Your writing allows me to picture your day to day which is EXACTLY what I want to know. And the pics. So good. Xoxo


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