Sunshine & skyscrapers…

Woke up to blue sky this morning. Bits of it at least. And it was such a beautiful morning, from indoors (yes, I am harping on about this heat and humidity).

This morning Joel and I had our apartment viewing (think House Hunters International). Three apartments in a different complex than ours and very different than our current spot. I actually had to walk to Joel’s place of employment in nice clothes and try not to sweat through them. This is a challenge especially since the sunshine was out today (well for the morning at least, it has since been hidden behind a massive set of clouds, rain is eminent). And to my immense amazement I didn’t get lost. Not even a wrong turn or a hesitation. It was like I was a local. A local that sweats profusely and won’t cross the street on her own, but a local nonetheless.

It was fun seeing a different complex and area, which we will be exploring more of on Saturday. Unfortunately Joel and I have differing idea on what is important in our home for the next 3 years. I will keep you posted on where we decide. For now, our views are of sunshine and skyscrapers.

In other exciting news, I have my SIM card, which means a working phone and data to use where ever I venture out, and in turn means I won’t get lost as easily-we all know it will still happen. Seems silly, but having a bit of glorious online mapping guidance and  a translation app makes me feel so much more comfortable.  I am even making friends on WeChat and learning how to use all the cool functions (it’s an all in one app over here that allows you to do literally everything).

And on my final note for the day, the rain has set in. I am going to be an umbrella toting local and be the annoying person that always has her umbrella sticking into a passerby’s head.


One thought on “Sunshine & skyscrapers…

  1. I’m thinking House Hunters International and so hoping that yo urent that couple who cringe at the color of the counter tops in the kitchen!!!!!!


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