Melting the days away…

So our first taste of GZ was good. Almost too good. There was an omen, and not that we necessarily buy that stuff, but this was a beer omen, the best kind. Our first evening in GZ was spent visiting the newest microbrewery, not only is it close by but it is GOOD. So far we have tried about half dozen of their beers, not including their other 25 taps. So if you know anything about us, you will know this is a great start.

Our first whole day in GZ was spent getting coffee, exploring the shopping center underneath our apartment (could be dangerous for me), attempting our first grocery shopping trip and visiting the brewery again. This is how we also ran into the cast of Shrek and met a few of the expat restaurant owners. Already becoming locals.


Monday morning came and Joel went off to his new grown up job and I was left in a very clean, unpacked apartment with nothing to do. So I spent the day at the gym, in the guest lounge and napping. Successful day in my books.

This brings me to this morning. Day 2 on my own. And apartment service day, which meant I had to get out of the way. And I did. I took myself outside to explore in the 33/88 degree heat, if only in a kilometer radius. Here’s what I observed:

  1. There are not a lot of cars around.
  2. The cars that are around don’t honk as much as I thought they would.
  3. It is very clean, everywhere.
  4. There is not nearly as much smoking as I expected.
  5. People don’t spit a lot.
  6. So things brings me to conclude: where are all the people! Over 10 million in this city and I am seeing a tiny fraction! Maybe it’s all al lie and there aren’t that many Chinese!

However, as I was thinking these things and making observations, it all changed. I was hearing plenty of throat clearing and then seeing the results. I must have been out right before rush hour because the honking was pretty consistent when I made my way back to the apartment. And there is metro, the underground train which is where most of the millions of people are at 9am.

My final note on this post is about the title: Melting the days away… I think these days of exploring will continue to entertain me and get me out of my comfort zone (it’s a small zone so it won’t take much). But this heat and humdity is treacherous. I hate the heat and I hate sweating and those things are unavoidable in GZ. I will have to find ways to embrace the melting. I melted in the 45 minutes I was outside this morning. Sweat is my friend now and deodorant, well, that may be a thing of the past as it doesn’t help a bit. So as I explore, I will melt.

Stay tuned for the next excursion for this Ginger in GZ!

A small portion of the GZ skyline. 
The IFC building on the left (103 floors), and our apartment building, the shortest one.



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