Making the Move…

Today is the day. We fly out of Melbourne this morning and end up in a foreign place. So foreign that not only will I not understand what they are saying I won’t even know what time zone I am on. Apparently Perth and GZ (Guangzhou) are on the same time zone which doesn’t mean much to me since Perth seems like the other side of the world. This place, GZ, is another world away.

We are going to be living a life that neither of us ever imagined would be possible. We leave the quiet suburbs of Melbourne to a busy city of a mere 14 million.  After the stress of packing and moving and saying many tearful goodbyes, we are relaxing in the business lounge with some nerve calming mimosas. I realised that this adventure is not just about moving to a new country, it’s not just about Joel’s new job, it’s about exploring more than I thought possible in my life and enjoying every minute of the chaotic 3 years ahead of me. I want this blog to reflect our new life. I want people to see what we see and see our experiences as they happen. I hope you enjoy seeing a Ginger’s Guide to GZ.



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